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“Metapolator is an open web tool for making many fonts. It supports working in a font design space, instead of one glyph, one face, at a time.

With Metapolator, ‘pro’ font designers are able to create and edit fonts and font families much faster, with inherent consistency. They gain unique exploration possibilities and the tools to quickly adapt typefaces to different media and domains of use.

With Metapolator, typographers gain the possibility to change existing fonts — or even create new ones — to their needs.

Metapolator is extensible through plugins and custom specimens. It contains all the tools and fine control that designers need to finish a font.” 1

  1. Product Vision compiled by Peter Sikking, UI Architect. 

Project Status

In May 2014 the Metapolator team moved away from last year’s prototypes and began to develop a new program from scratch that runs entirely in the browser. Under the hood, Lasse Fister developed the Cascading Properties Sheets, a text interface to work with parameters similar to CSS, and improved ufo.js. We completely left out Metafont this time, but kept technologies like the brilliant Hobby Spline.

At the same time Peter Sikking paved the way for a graphical interface. Digging from both sides under the Mount Metapolator, we hope we can present a useful prototype at the Libre Graphics Meeting 2015. In the meantime you can see our presentation of Metapolator at LGM 2014 and welcome you to our Metapolator G+ community.

* * *

Fonts designed for and with Metapolator

Fonts can be prepared for optimal processing with Metapolator. Each glyph must be broken up into its individual strokes, and each stroke should have an equal amount of paired points.

glyphs and parts

New Families
Work Sans, Sean Sans and Breite are being developed as the first true Metapolator font families.

glyphs and parts

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